We care for babies aged 3 to 19 months in our infant room. While most of the babies start with us around 12 months of age, we do frequently receive younger infants in our care as we are one of the few daycares in the City that accepts younger babies. The adult-child ratio for babies under 12 months is 1:3 and for babies over 12 months is 1:4. We often exceed the regulatory staffing requirements to ensure optimal care. We typically care for around 12 to 16 babies in the infant room.

Studies show that secured attachment with one adult proves to be beneficial for developing stable and healthy long-term relationships. Hence we follow a primary caregiver system in the baby room, where a particular caregiver is permanently assigned to the care of a specific group of babies. This service model enables the caregivers to learn about the babies’ individual traits, needs and interests and understand their non-verbals while they develop a warm bonding with each other.