The 3 to 4 ½ year olds are keen to learn about the world around them and with their developing proficiency in language, they effectively communicate with their peers and adults in the environment to acquire and master new skills. Emergent curriculum and its project approach helps the young learners to acquire, assimilate and apply the knowledge in their daily planned activities. Staff takes into account the various competencies of the preschoolers while planning the curriculum, physical layout of the environment and activities.

As the preschoolers learn to identify their own and their peers’ emotions, our skilled staff assist them to verbalize their own feelings and empathize with their peers through coaching and modelling. Staff, with their training and experience, play a prominent role as facilitators, as the preschoolers navigate through the important phases of emotional and social development. The primary elements of literacy and numeracy are introduced through developmentally appropriate and play-based activities, based on individual readiness of the child.