Children aged 20-36 months are cared for in our toddler room. While the staff strive to assist the toddlers gain developmentally appropriate social skills and self-help skills, they also foster the toddlers’ desire for autonomy. The secured attachment developed between toddlers and their primary caregivers help them freely explore and experience their environment by which they gain self-confidence and emergent problem solving skills. Consistency in developmentally appropriate behavioral expectations and limits set by nurturing caregivers, facilitates toddlers’ ability to self-regulate and curb impulsiveness.

Small group and one-on-one interactions between experienced caregivers and children throughout the day enhance toddlers’ evolving language and cognition. The daily gross and fine motor activities conducted both indoors and outdoors including music and movement activities, nurture their physical, emotional and creative development while practicing crucial social skills like sharing and turn taking.