Parents Newsletters Fall 2022

Please call the Daycare to report your child’s sense or if the absence or if you do not require school pick-up or drop-off Please remember to sign your child in/out daily Please label all your child’s belongings. Please send your children in weather-appropriate clothing so that they are comfortable during outdoor activities.

Parents Newsletters Spring 2022

Please remember to drop off your children before 9:30 am so that they can join their friends on trips to nearby parks and playgrounds. We hope to have Spring Concert in June after 2 years of pandemic. Details to follow. We bid farewell to Ms. Reanna and welcomed Ms. Angela and Ms. Cheryl in the Preschool room. Cohorting regulations during outdoor play has now been lifted. Children from more than one room can use the playground at a time. Children and staff are required to wear masks when using daycare vans.

Parents Newsletters Winter 2020

Due to the public health orders that are currently in place for our province, we will not be able to host the annual Christmas party or Potluck this year. Homerooms may plan class parties that does not involve food sharing. We hope to be able to resume our social get-togethers once it is safe to do so and make up for all the missed festive events and celebrations.

Parents Newsletters Fall 2021

Friendly Reminders…
Please keep your child home if he/she is sick Please call the Daycare to report your child’s absence or if you do not require school pick-up or drop-off Please remember to sign your child in/out daily and to complete the daily health screening log Please label all your child’s belongings. Please send your child in weather appropriate clothing & accessories

Parents Newsletters Fall 2019

Congrats to Miss. Saima (Toddler room) on winning the Employee of the month award. The winner was chosen through a draw and the other nominees were: Miss. Shumaila and Miss.Reana.
Thank you to our parents and grandparents: Cristina Hosu, Amanda Wenger & Elizabeth Kovatch, who came in as surprise guests in their children’s home rooms. Children loved having the special guests and the activities they chose to do with them. Please note that this is an ongoing volunteering opportunity. Please let us know if you are available to be a surprise guest.
A humble request: Please remove your footwear in the foyer before entering the classrooms.
Our Daycare program will undergo the 5th term of re-accreditation. The site visit is scheduled between Nov 4th and 15th 2019. Congrats to our BAS team on their successful completion of Term-5 re-accreditation. So, this year, we will be sending out the annual program evaluation surveys slightly earlier. Additional information will be send by email to you.
We are happy to have Miss. Beena resume her duties in the toddler room. Miss. Sandeep will continue in toddler room and Miss. Anna is back in Infant room after her temporary assignment in kitchen during Geovana’s vacation.

Lopa Sanyal – Employee of the month

Upcoming Program Closure

October 9, 2017,  on Parents Day.
Parent day, Congratulations to Lopa Sanyal (Room Supervisor – Infants) who won the Employee of the Month title! Lopa was nominated by one of our parents who appreciated her very genuine love and concern for the babies in her care. This mom said, “One time when Fallon was sick I came in to get her and Lopa were holding and rocking her in the kitchen when all of the other babies were sleeping. It made me feel so happy to know that someone is there to love her and make her feel safe and comfortable when I can’t be. I also see Lopa playing with the kids peek-a boo or even with cereal boxes and she is genuinely laughing with them, it’s so cute”

Rebecca Sturgess – Employee of the month

Upcoming Program Closure

May 22, 2017 on Victoria Day
Congratulations to Rebecca Sturgess (Preschool) who won the first Employee of the Month title! Rebecca was nominated by one of her colleagues who appreciated Rebecca’s consistent willingness to help her team members and her ongoing enthusiasm in program planning and innovative activity ideas.Congratulations to other nominees: Kim Hodge (BAS), Beena Mohan (Toddler) and Reana Calja (Preschool) for being nominated to be the employee of the month.

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