About Our Team

Each and every one of our team represent the spirit of our children

Shiny Tharayil, Director

After serving Alberta Health Services for 12 years in various administrational capacities, to pursue my entrepreneurial passion, my husband and I ventured into the acquisition of Sandstone Child Learning Centre in January 2015. With the support of an outstanding team of committed and empathetic educators, we have been able to maintain the goodwill and uphold the philosophy of this organization, which offers a program that supports the diverse needs and values of our families. Having raised a son with special needs have offered me a valuable perspective on inclusion in childcare programs. I stay committed in providing professional development opportunities to my qualified and experienced staff, so that they are equipped to offer a program that caters to the developmental needs of all children, in their care. While my bachelor degree in Commerce (Mahatma Gandhi University, India) and the post-graduate diploma in Public Relations and Personnel Management (Indian Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi, India) has assisted me in managing the Organization efficiently, my Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE Level-3: Lethbridge College, AB) has helped me stay updated
on the current researches in child development and innovative strategies in child guidance.

 Sarah Harrington,Assistant Director

My name is Sarah Harrington and I have been working at Sandstone Child Learning Centre since May of 2022. I work primarily in the office but support all the rooms as an educator when needed. I have completed by Early Childhood Education and Development Diploma through Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta, and I am a certified level three educator. While I dedicated myself to being a stay-at- home parent from 2012 until 2022, I have also been volunteering with young children since 2018 as a unit leader with Girl Guides of Canada. Over the past 10 years I have dedicated much of my time supporting my two daughters and volunteering in a variety of roles with their different activities ranging from coaching skating to aiding their competitive dance teams. I enjoy spending my spare time traveling with my family, exploring nature and the outdoors, and playing hockey on my co-ed team called the Slowpokes. My background prior to working with children was in Primatology and I have a BSc in Archaeology from the University of Calgary. As such, I am passionate about introducing children to science and the scientific method though age-appropriate, play-based exploration. I am particularly passionate about exploring these topics through sensory activities, especially, messy play! I firmly believe in supporting children’s learning and development through emergent, play-based learning opportunities and providing an environment that nurtures and empowers children to be the mighty learners and citizens that they are. I am excited to be a part of your child’s experience here at SCLC and working alongside the amazing team of educators who care for them on a daily basis. Together, we ensure that every child enrolled in our centre receives the excellent care they deserve!

Anna Lou R. Tanate  – Early Childhood Educator (Toddler Room)

My name is Anna Lou R. Tanate and I work in toddler room. I have a bachelor degree in
Elementary Education and Child Care Development Certificate. I worked 14 years as primary
teacher before moving to Canada in 2018.I have been a part of Team SCLC since March 2019.
I enjoy working with the children and it is my passion. I feel very rewarded to teach children not
only valuable skills and knowledge but also to guide their emotional and social development. I
make sure that every child feels as safe, as loved and as understood as they do with their parents. 
I like going to my work every day knowing that the people I work alongside value my
contributions and appreciate my vital role. We work as a team. That means we help each other
and work together.

Saima Raza  – Early Childhood Educator (Kindergarten Room)

I am a certified Child Care Worker (ECE Level-2) with a bachelor’s degree in education. I believe time invested in acquiring the necessary skills and certifications has allowed me to become a better childcare educator. I always look after children with due care, skill, and responsibility.  I believe that this has made a positive impact on the lives of children and their families. On a personal level l am dependable, cooperative, accommodating, and willing to go that extra mile to get things done.  Sandstone Child Learning Center is a warm, safe, and secure environment for children to develop and grow. I have been part of SCLC since January 2019. We deeply care about our children’s physical and mental needs. I have a passion for working with children and the career opportunities are near-endless, early childhood is one of the interesting professions. Professional roles in the early childhood industry are wide-ranging, so there’s always room to grow. I never go home stressed or angry. No two days are ever the same and it is impossible to get bored. I love being in this setting as I continue to learn new things with each passing day – and highly enjoy working with our children. It is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable job.

Angela Keith –   Early Childhood Educator – Preschool Room

My name is Angela Keith and I work in the preschool room. I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Maine’ where I lived before moving to Canada in 2008. I have my Early Childhood Educator Level 1 Certification and more than 10 years’ experience working with children aged two to twelve. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking, learning to play the ukulele and hiking in the mountains. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and love seeing the world through their eyes as they learn, discover and try new things. It’s incredible to watch their eyes light up with excitement. The children’s smiles and laughter make every single day so rewarding. I feel lucky to work with such a dedicated group of teachers at Sandstone Child Learning Centre.

Stephane Ruz –  Early Childhood Educator – Preschool

My name is Stephane Ruz and I have been working at SCLC in the preschool room since 2021. I
have a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Philippines and have 12 years of work experience as a
nurse. I have three years’ experience in early childhood education and care.

Maninder Kaur –  Early Childhood Educator (Toddler Room)

My name is Maninder Kaur. I have been working with Sandstone Learning Centre since November 2018.
Before coming to Canada, I served as a primary school teacher for 6years  in Punjab, India. I have a bachelor’s degree in arts from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and a diploma in Garment
Technology from the Institute of Garment Technology, Amritsar. After moving to Canada, I did
Healthcare Aid Program in 2014 from Bow Valley College, Calgary and Alberta Childcare Certification
Level-1 in 2018. I enjoy working with the kids as they are the most wonderful creation of God.

Lopamudra Sanyal –  Team Lead (Kindergarten Room)

I’m Lopa and I have been working with the children at Sandstone Child Learning Centre since 2006. I’ve a Master degree in Economics and a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Vanier College, Montreal. I like to see all kids develop naturally in a happy, healthy and safe environment. I believe that the most important skills while working with the children are love, patience and care. Together with the amazing and creative teachers in my team, I am committed to educate your child on all aspects essential for their optimal development.I’m dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and have made it my goal to ensure that each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve. 

Ashrumati Khanna –  Team Lead (Infant Room)

I am Ashrumati Khanna, mother of two children, originally from India. I have a Bachelor’s degree in
Commerce majoring in accounting. After coming to Canada I did Child Development Assistant (ECE Level-1) course in 2009 and since then I have been working at Sandstone child learning centre. I have a high level of patience, immense love and compassion for children. I love to teach and play with children to ensure that their physical, emotional and all other developmental needs are met. To enhance my knowledge and assist my professional practice, I pursued further education and completed my ECE – Level 2 in 2021.

Beena Mohan –  Team Lead (Preschool Room)

My name is Beena Mohan and I work with the preschoolers at Sandstone Child Learning Center. I am a
trained graduate teacher with a diploma in library science. I have been working with children for over 25 years. I started my career as a primary school teacher in India in 1994. In 1998, I moved to Kenya, Africa, where I was offered a teaching job in a high school. In 2011, I immigrated to Canada and since then I have been working at Sandstone Child Learning center. I enjoy being a part of this center's family. Working with each child makes my job more fun than work. I am a mother of 3 girls and throughout my life I have dedicated a lot of my time to taking care of children and I enjoy every minute of it.

Helen –  Early Childhood Educator (Kindergarten Room)

My Name is Helen. I grew up in Quebec then moved to Winnipeg and have now settled in Calgary where
I have been working at S.C.L.C since November 2000. I enjoy reading, photography and travelling, whether it is to Mexico or down the road to Banff. Life is an adventure and that is exactly what working in childcare is like. One never knows what to expect from day to day. Working with children can be challenging but always rewarding.

Cheryl Cayetano –   Early Childhood Educator

My name is Cheryl, I graduated Level-1 Early Childhood in 2020. I am an educator in the preschool room at Sandstone Child Learning Centre. I have worked with children 2-4 years old in a Day-home every summer since 2019. I love working with children because giggles, smiles, sudden hugs, and kids’ learning new things makes me happy.

Kuljeeth Brar –   Early Childhood Educator – Infant room

My name is Kuljeet Kaur Brar. I am from in India. I have done my Master degree of education. I
have one year experience as a kindergarten teacher. I love working with children. That’s why I started working in the day care after I moved to Canada. I have my Level-1 Early childhood
Educator certificate. I have been working in the infant room at SCLC since 2021 and I enjoy
every moment playing with little ones. I strive to build relationships with babies and parents to
facilitate infants’ development in all domains through play and exploration.

Kim Hodge – Team Lead (Before and After School Program)
I have been the room supervisor of the School age program at Sandstone Child Learning Centre since
January 2004. I have a Bachelor of Education (Primary Specialist) Degree from Lancaster University in
England. I have over thirty years’ experience working with children three to twelve, as well as children with special needs.

Melissa Yeomans, Early Childhood Educator – Before & After School Program

My name is Melissa and I work in the Before and After School Program. I attended Lethbridge
Community College where I obtained my Child Development Worker (ECE Level-2) certification. I have
worked in childcare since 2004. I have worked at Sandstone Child Learning Centre from 2005 to 2008
and again since 2012.

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