Dear parents:

Summer holidays are here and we have an exciting program plan that includes daily field trips and outdoor activities. Please check your child’s monthly program plan for details and make sure that your child has weather appropriate outdoor wear including outdoor shoes, hat and sun screen lotion.
Please make sure you bring your children in on time, if their group is scheduled to go on a field trip.

You can expect that most days we will be taking children (all groups) to the nearby parks and nature walks by 10 AM. We are not required to post a permission form for parents the previous day for neighborhood trips by foot. If you bring your child in late and see that his / or her group has already left on a field trip, please be aware that we cannot keep them with other age groups due to ratio regulations and you may have to take your child back.

We may also have water play and messy activities during summer months and it is advisable that your child has extra sets of clothes in the cubby. All your child’s belongings should be labeled to avoid misplacement. Please be aware that due to safety reasons, we will not allow open-toed sandals to be worn outdoors.

As our staff takes their annual holidays during this time, there may be some temporary staffing changes. A lot of parents also take their children on holidays around this time. Please be sure to inform your child’s home room staff if your child is going to be absent. It will help us in our staff scheduling.

New Staff: I am pleased to welcome Rebecca and Charmagne who have joined our team this month. We also welcome Samantha Ashworth who will be our on call staff during the summer months. Cathy Li who was with us during past summer is back again, working with School Age / ECS group.

Dates to remember:

STAMPEDE COOK OUT and Dress Western Day at the center on Thursday, July 10, ’14. Time: 5 to 6.30 PM. All are cordially invited. More details on this event will be posted.

HERITAGE DAY HOLIDAY: The daycare will remain closed on Monday, August 04, ’14.

Have a great summer!