Here is the list of holidays in 2015 when our daycare will remain closed

Jan 1 Thursday New Year’s Day

Feb 16 Monday Family Day

Mar No Holidays

Apr 3 Friday Good Friday

Apr 6 Monday Easter Monday

May 18 Monday Victoria Day

July 1 Wednesday Canada Day

Aug 3 Monday Heritage Day

Sept 7 Monday Labour Day

Oct 12 Monday Thanksgiving Day

Nov 11 Wednesday Remembrance Day

Dec 24 Thursday noon to Jan

3, 2016. Daycare re-opens on

Jan 4th at 0700 am.

Christmas Break

Please make alternate arrangements for childcare if you happen to be working on any of the above

dates – Especially April 6th (Easter Monday), August 3 (Heritage Day), Nov 11 (Remembrance Day), and

between December 25th and Jan 3rd when the daycare will remain closed. Please mark your calendars.