Spring is here and we hope it is here to stay. We have no reason to complain about this year’s winter either. We are looking forward to warm days ahead and are in the midst of planning all sorts of fun activities, indoors and outdoors.

Thank you all for welcoming me into this organization. Sue’s efficient operational practices and an extremely dedicated and well-spirited team of staff members have made this transition absolutely seamless. I have had the pleasure of meeting most of you in person and am touched by the special rapport you have built with the organization, especially with your child’s homeroom teachers.

Schools were closed for Spring Break and we had our school age children all day long last week. They had some off-site trips including a trip to the Calgary Zoo and the weather co-operated with them reasonably well on that day. For our younger children, the themes for this week include Easter based activities and art and craft. Easter Party for children will be on Thursday, April 2nd. Each group will organize their own party including an Easter egg hunt. Please look out for notices posted by your child’s home room staff, near sign-in /out sheets. .
REMINDER: Daycare will remain closed on Friday, April 3rd on Good Friday and April 6th Easter Monday.
A friendly reminder that children having fever over 37.2 degrees C or 99 degrees F, vomiting or diarrhea, signs of flu like persistent cough and stuffed nose, discharge from eyes or ears, rash or communicable diseases must be kept home till parents can obtain a letter of clearance from their physician. If your child develops any of the above mentioned symptoms while at the daycare, you will be contacted and are required to pick up the child immediately due to consideration for others. Please refrain from bringing the child back to Daycare until fully recovered.

A lot of outdoor activities are being planned for the coming months. So please make sure that your child has weather appropriate outdoor wear including jacket, hat and sunscreen lotion as well as indoor and outdoor footwear, all clearly labeled. I would like to remind you that open-toed sandals and slippers are NOT recommended for indoor wear and are absolutely not allowed to be worn in the outdoor play yard for safety reasons.

Best regards,
Shiny Tharayil- Director