Fall Newsletter – 2015

Hope you all enjoyed the great summer we had this year and are ready to get back to our Fall routines. Except for the smoky days this week, we have had a fabulous summer so far. Our school age program and the older kindergartners enjoyed several off-site field trips where they explored the wonders of nature and some historical sites. Our preschoolers ventured out to the nearby parks and our toddlers and infants thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor play area.

I would like to thank all of you for braving the hot weather and coming out for the Stampede party to make it a huge success. I hope you all had as much fun partying as we had hosting it! Thank you once again to all those who contributed to the Food bank collection this summer. Together, we donated
81 lbs of mixed food items and I would like to convey the sincere appreciation from Interfaith Food Bank on our humble effort.

Most of our children and staff who had taken time off during the summer months are back and we are a full house once again. There are no staff changes to announce except that we say good bye to Cathy and Dolly – our summer relief staff.

Please note: Every year during the month of September, we review all our policies. This year we have made two amendments to our Daycare Policies. They are:
1. All medications, including over the counter drugs will have to be accompanied by a medication administration form that is incident specific and has clear instructions of dosage, time of administration and the prescribing physicians information.
2. During water play, it is mandatory to have all children wear water shoes

Weather has been great so far but the chilly north winds will start coming our way soon and we have to be prepared. Please be aware that as long as it is not too wet and not dangerously cold, children will have their outdoor play every day. Please make sure that your child has indoor shoes and weather appropriate outdoor wear on all days. All your child’s belongings should be labeled. We will not be responsible for misplaced articles of clothing, shoes, toys and other stuff from home if they are not labeled with your child’s name.
Please refer to the revised fee schedule effective September 1, 2015. A copy is posted on the parent notice board for your reference.
Kindergarten & School – Age Programs
Please note that we will not be providing transportation to school on Sept 1st, Tuesday to Kindergartners and Grade 1. This is because children are not familiar with their teachers or classroom on the first day and we are unable to take them to their individual classes due to supervision requirements. Please review the Daycare’s transportation policy and the expectations with your child while using daycare vans to make sure that they follow the rules and schedules.

Daycare will remain closed on the following dates.
1. September 7, 2015 – Labor Day 2. October 12, 2015 – Thanksgiving holiday
3. November 11, 2015 – Remembrance Day

Best Regards,
Shiny Tharayil