Spring Newsletter – 2016
It has been an absolutely wonderful winter and our program made the best out of the mild weather we had in the past few months. Most of the days, children were able to enjoy outdoor activities. Now that spring is around the corner, we look forward to warmer days ahead and are in the midst of planning all sorts of fun activities, indoors and outdoors. School age program and Kindergartners are gearing up for their spring break and all rooms are planning their individual Easter hunt and class parties. Room supervisors will communicate more details later.

A friendly reminder that children having fever over 37.2 degrees C or 99 degrees F, vomiting or diarrhea, signs of flu like persistent cough and stuffed nose, discharge from eyes or ears, rash or any other communicable diseases must be kept home till parents can obtain a letter of clearance from their physician. If your child develops any of the above mentioned symptoms while at the daycare, you will be contacted and are required to pick up the child immediately due to consideration for others. Please refrain from bringing the child back to Daycare until fully recovered and approved by the attending physician. Also, we have had a few incidents were neither of the parents or emergency contacts provided were reachable when needed. Please ensure that you provide at least one parent’s contact number that can be reached at all times.
Also, we request you to kindly refrain from being on your cell phone while picking or dropping off your child. This is a time for possible interaction between you and the room staff which is crucial in your child’s care.
Surprise Guests
Our surprise story teller idea is turning out to be a great success. Thank you to all of you who have responded to it in an overwhelmingly supportive manner. It is amazing to see that we have had moms, dads, big brothers, grandmas and grandpas coming in to surprise their dear little ones in the daycare. Children in all rooms have developed a special liking to this novel theme and the mounting excitement when the announcement about the surprise guest for the day is made, is priceless. Thank you to the following parent/grandparent/ sibling who have so far come in and enriched our children’s learning.
Jhumir (Rishi’s mom) – Toddler room
Shyann (Ryker’s mom) – Preschool
Gabriel (Ethan’s dad) – Toddler room
June (Everett’s dad) – Toddler room
Wyatt (Ryker’s brother) – Preschool
Bonnie (Ruby’s grandma) – ECS Room
Shawna (Sophie’s mom) – Preschool
Roger (Violet’s grandpa) – Preschool
Reana (Enrik’s mom) – ECS

Upcoming Holidays
Daycare will remain closed on the following dates.
1. March 25, 2016 – Good Friday
2. March 27, 2016 – Easter Monday – Please make alternated childcare arrangements if you are working on Easter Monday

Best Regards,
Shiny Tharayil