Fall Newsletter – 2016

After a fun-filled summer, it is hard to believe it is almost time to get back to our fall routines.

Except for the few rainy days, we have had a great summer and all our rooms made the most out of it.  As in the previous years, while our school age program and the kindergartners enjoyed several off-site field trips where they explored the wonders of nature and some historical sites, for the first time, our preschoolers took transit for two field trips this summer. While our babies enjoyed some water play days, our toddlers also ventured out to the nearby Dairy Queen for lunch a couple of times for the first time this year! Inspired by the enthusiasm shown by the children, staff in preschool and toddler room are highly motivated to continue these field trips.

I would like to thank all of you for coming out for the Stampede party and making it a huge success. I hope you all had as much fun partying as we had hosting it! Mother Nature was once again very co-operative to us. The Heritage day celebrations at the Daycare will be on August 29, 2016. Please refer to my earlier email for details. Most of our children and staff who had taken time off during the summer months are back and we are a full house once again.

Our Daycare program is preparing for the Term-4 re-accreditation. The site visit by the validators are expected in the second half of October. In order to have the most current feedback from staff and families, this year we will be sending out the annual staff and parent surveys earlier than usual. Please fill them out and return it to your homeroom staff as soon as possible.

Please note:  Every year during the month of September, we review our new/amended policies. This year we have made the following amendment to our Daycare Policies:

  1. To monitor the individual incidents of sickness better, we have introduced an individual illness report which parents are required to complete when their child is send home from the daycare due to an illness. The second part of the form is completed and signed by the parents when the child returns to the daycare after illness.

Weather has been great so far but the chilly north winds will start coming our way soon and we have to be prepared.  Please be aware that as long as it is not too wet and not dangerously cold, children will have their outdoor play every day.  Please make sure that your child has indoor shoes and weather appropriate outdoor wear on all days.  All your child’s belongings should be labeled. We will not be responsible for misplaced articles of clothing, shoes, toys and other stuff from home if they are not labeled with your child’s name.

Please refer to the revised fee schedule effective September 1, 2016. A copy is posted on the parent notice board for your reference.

Kindergarten & School – Age Programs

Please note that we will not be providing transportation to school on Sept 6th, Tuesday to Kindergartners and Grade 1. This is because children are not familiar with their teachers or classroom on the first day and we are unable to take them to their individual classes due to supervision requirements. Please review the Daycare’s transportation policy and the expectations with your child while using daycare vans to make sure that they follow the rules and schedules.

 Daycare will remain closed on the following dates.

  1. September 5, 2016 – Labor Day         2. October 10, 2016    – Thanksgiving holiday
  1. November 11, 2016 – Remembrance Day

Best Regards,

Shiny Tharayil