Parent Newsletter-Fall 2017

Friendly Reminders
Please remember to send your children in weather appropriate clothing daily.

Please call the Daycare at 403 295 3807 to inform us if your child is going to be late or absent.

If your child is not well enough to participate in the routine indoor and outdoor activities, please keep him/her at home.

We are closed on
October 9,

If you take a bus to work, please use the Transit parking lot to park your vehicle. Please do not park your vehicle all day on the street in front of the daycare. These spots are for pick up and drop off only. Please be courteous to our neighbors also by using their parking space only for pick up and drop off.

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In the News…..  

Congratulations to Lopa Sanyal (Room Supervisor – Infants) who won the Employee of the Month title! Lopa was nominated by one of our parents who appreciated her very genuine love and concern for the babies in her care. This mom said, “One time when Fallon was sick I came in to get her and Lopa was holding and rocking her in the kitchen when all of the other babies were sleeping. It made me feel so happy to know that someone is there to love her and make her feel safe and comfortable when I can’t be. I also see Lopa playing with the kids peek-a boo or even with cereal boxes and she is genuinely laughing with them, it’s so cute”

Congratulations to other nominees: Giovanna, Kim, Sharon – 3 Nominations!, Beena, Shumaila, Ashru, Tehereh,&Tracy. These nominations came in from parents and colleagues and are true tokens of appreciation for their commitment and passion for the work they do

We welcome Keira Menezes (Infant room) to our team and also welcome Amtul Qayyum (Toddler room) who is back after a brief absence.

Please follow traffic rules while picking and dropping off your children. We have had several complaints on serious violations including double parking.

3 Sandstone Dr NW Calgary AB T3M 1Z4
Tel: 403 295 3807